32 Degrees Services

The 32 Degrees, Inc. MAP-ER Advantage

MAP-ER describes the services 32 Degrees provides: Monitoring, Automation, Prevention and Equipment Repairs. Although some companies provide repair services, in most cases, they have limited expertise and service capacity that forces them to use specialty contractors to complete large projects. 32 Degrees has the capacity to provide comprehensive repair services that span your entire rink operations. The MAP-ER Advantage that 32 Degrees offers uses technology to remotely monitor rink mechanical operations, optimize system settings, and identify specific issues that may require maintenance before a breakdown occurs. The result of interconnecting expertise, technology and planned maintenance is to improve the reliability and longevity of your rink equipment.


refers to the collection of digital sensor data that we install collect and trend rink equipment operations. The sensors, attached to the major mechanical components measure multiple parameters such as system draw, pressures, on-off cycles, temperature, etc. Readings are measured every few seconds and compared to preset operating limits. If readings are outside the expected operating range, the system will notify 32 Degrees. We analyze the findings and notify you of the issue. Our monitoring services also include data trending that we use to identify emerging problems. 32 Degrees provides regular customer reports that interpret the data to help our customers understand the status and vulnerability of their equipment. Constant monitoring using web-based connectivity differentiates 32 Degrees from the competition.


refers to the ability to remotely access the system operating parameters and adjust the system. With minor issues, we will adjust specific settings to correct a problem and monitor how the system responds to the setting changes. This will often avoid an emergency service call, saving you money. In the case of a major problem, 32 Degrees will notify the customer, adjust the system settings (where appropriate) and outline a remediation plan. If the customer approves the plan, 32 Degrees will immediately mobilize a service team with the necessary parts, supplies and an action plan to correct the problem. This approach results in a rapid on-site response that reduces or eliminates down time and sets 32 Degrees apart from the Competition.


refers to ongoing and regular on-site planned service by 32 Degrees to ensure that your rink is operating at peak efficiency. When combined with system monitoring data, we are often able to suggest and schedule planned repairs that can eliminate unplanned system failures. At 32 Degrees, we believe that transparent sharing of information leads to better decisions and builds customer trust. A goal of 32 Degrees is that our customers will come to rely on our Monitoring, Automation, and Prevention services, rather than incurring repairs. Our focus on Prevention sets 32 Degrees apart from the Competition.

Equipment Repair

refers to planned or unplanned on-site repairs that are required to make your system(s) operational. Over time, all mechanical systems will require maintenance and repairs. However, use of our MAP services will minimize Equipment Repairs and system failures. Often, our first encounter with a new customer involves system repairs and restoration after a catastrophic system failure has occurred. To the 32 Degrees team we look for every opportunity to help existing and new customers to restore rink operations regardless of the scope of the problem. Additionally, besides providing equipment repair services, we often represent our customers with their insurance providers to resolve insurance claims and restore rink operations. When the worst occurs, 32 Degrees will be there to meet customer needs and exceed their expectations.