The 32 Degree, Inc. Company Overview

32 Degrees, LLC. is a regional refrigeration and mechanical services company that provides multi-dimensional operational supports to organizations with product lines which rely on these mission-critical systems. Based in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, 32 Degrees provides services to multiple ice rinks across the United States. Our services primarily include repair of existing mechanical/refrigeration equipment and system upgrades to improve operational efficiency. The company has steadily increased its customer base and revenues over the past two decades. 32 Degrees success is based on relationship marketing and unparalleled service.

32 Degrees has three principals who possess a combined 60 years of experience in the refrigeration/ mechanical and support services fields. Our leadership team personally responds to every customer inquiry and can be dispatched to any customer site within 24-48 hours. We also have relationships with service partners in local markets who can support and supplement our customer projects. These combined resources enable 32 Degrees to rapidly diagnose problems and obtain the necessary resources to successfully remediate any customer issue. In addition, we specialize in assisting our customers to efficiently work through insurance claims.

32 Degrees is introducing a new product we call the “MAP-ER is the Service Coordinator of 32 degrees, LLC and is the Service Coordinator of 32 degrees, LLC and Advantage” that adds technology to our award winning services that will help our customers to improve efficiency, reduce breakdowns, and add peace of mind to their business.

The 32 Degree, Leadership Team

Organizations are only as strong as the people who lead them. 32 Degrees, LLC. has formed a leadership team that combines expert knowledge of refrigeration/ mechanical systems with technology and solid business systems. Biographies of 32 Degree’s leadership team are listed below.

Bruce Graham

is the President of 32 degrees, LLC and he has worked in the refrigeration and mechanical fields for over 30 years. Bruce founded 32 Degrees, LLC. in 2000 after honorably serving as a submariner in the US Navy and leading domestic and international service teams for a business that installed and serviced ice rinks. Bruce is a skilled refrigeration mechanic but he is also a gifted entrepreneur. Under his leadership, 32 Degrees has developed a loyal customer base and is consistently adding new accounts. Recently, he has focused his creative energies to develop a new technological innovation, the MAP-ER Advantage to the 32 Degrees product line.

Craig Henry

is the Service Coordinator of 32 degrees, LLC and has worked for the past 25 years in the HVAC and refrigeration field. Craig is a certified master mechanic. Craig’s experience includes every aspect of the Refrigeration and Mechanical systems. He has worked exclusively with 32 Degrees since 2010 and has led projects in 10 states at more than 40 individual locations. Craig is an experienced project coordinator that achieves highly successful customer outcomes.

Dave Thomas

is the Vice President of 32 degrees, LLC and more than 30 years of corporate executive leadership with multiple service companies. His recent focus has been to assist high growth potential corporations to successfully develop/refine product lines, establish market presence and achieve sustainable growth. Dave has worked with 32 Degrees to implement business procedures/systems, develop new products, grow the company, and expand service capacity.

Why Choose 32LLC?

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